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In the physical world, you put your signature on cards and important papers to let the world know it's you. When you surf the web or utilize mobile apps, you leave behind a 'data signature' that captures information the non-affiliated sites visited by your browser or the mobile apps utilized by your mobile device. With this information, companies may infer things about who you are and what you want without identifying who you are. Digital media companies use that data to serve you targeted ads and offers and to customize your online experience. Sometimes this process is referred to as online behavioral advertising or interest based advertising.

At Krux, we think that creating trust between people and websites / apps requires new tools, new approaches. That's where Krux Consumer comes in. Krux Consumer is Krux’ privacy-by-design process that synchronizes what you want websites and apps to know about you with what those websites and apps actually track, making sure your digital experiences become more meaningful and less creepy. It works by giving you a simple way to exercise control over the data that you provide, and gives you the ability to opt-out from use of that data via the Krux Platform.

Respectful websites and apps win by earning and maintaining your trust. Over time, because of that trust, we believe you will want to tell websites more about who you are and what you want. You and other consumers also win by taking control of your data signature. Krux Consumer will continue to evolve, giving you even richer ways to manage your data. 

What actions you can take today

Krux wants to give people the tools to control their digital privacy. For some consumers, this could mean opting out of targeting altogether. For many, targeting (or not) might not be a big deal either way. For some, it might mean communicating particular aspects about themselves to help websites generate more helpful content. Wherever you fall along this spectrum, Krux helps you get more of what you want from your web experiences.

If you're like most visitors...

and you don't mind that some websites use anonymous data to improve your web experience, you don't need to take any action at all.

If you would like websites to know more about you to help them customize your web experience...

we are giving you the tools to do just that. Krux is starting with these simple pieces of information: your gender, age, and non-precise geographic location.

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As we collect this information, Krux will share it with our participating publishers, match it to information they might already have about you, and put it to work improving your web experience.


If you don't like the idea of websites using anonymous information about you, Krux offers multiple options.

Krux offers a one click opt-out solution for users who wish to opt-out of targeting via the Krux technology Platform. You must allow cookies from Krux Digital in order to opt out. Clicking on the opt-out button will result in a persistent 'cookie' placed in your web browser by Krux, identifying you as being on the Krux 'do not target' list. If you choose to opt-out, Krux deletes any targeting data it may have for your browser, and we will no longer enable our Clients to target that browser using our technology Platform. You will likely still receive advertisements, but Krux technology will have no input or impact on tailoring those ads. Please note that if you delete, block, or otherwise restrict cookies, or if you use a different computer, device or Internet browser, you will need to renew your opt-out choice. Also, because we utilize HTML5 cookies to record your opt-out choice, it may take an additional visit to one of our Clients’ websites for your opt-out choice to go into effect.

Mobile App Opt-out

Krux honors the mobile device settings for Android and Apple iOS devices. To exercise this opt-out, please visit the privacy settings of your Android or iOS device and select “limit ad tracking” (Apple iOS) or “opt-out of interest based ads” (Android). On devices where we see that such a selection has been made, we will not target that mobile device via the Krux Platform.

You may also find additional information about delivering targeted advertising and your choices with respect to Krux and other companies who are members of the self-regulatory organizations below.

Where can I get more information about digital advertising and my privacy choices?

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet about data collection, targeting, and consumer privacy. Here are just a few of the places that we’ve found interesting or helpful.