A Holistic System for Consumer Engagement

Marketing is becoming more complex and distributed across many channels and platforms, and people data is emerging as the single unifying thread. The Salesforce DMP platform helps unlock the hidden value of this people data, putting it to use delivering more relevance – and thus more value – with every consumer interaction. 

The Salesforce DMP platform is an Intelligent Marketing Hub for marketers, agencies, and media companies who are putting people data to work in delivering more relevant, more valuable marketing, commerce, and content experiences. Marketers are able to orchestrate inspiring user experiences by using tools like programmatic consumer journeys, global delivery management, authenticated delivery and measurement and attribution. Media companies get access to a holistic system for user experience orchestration that combines content and ad management into one system.

Within the Salesforce DMP platform, there are three primary modules:​

  • ​Capture: responsible for gathering data, in batch or real-time, from different sources, devices, screens and channels.
  • Analysis: providing tools to analyze that data, using state of the art data processing technologies like Hadoop, Spark and Kafka.
  • Activation: directing the data into execution systems to enable personalized user experiences across any channel or device. 

Taken together, these three modules serve as the brain at the center of an intelligent marketing and media cloud, making real-time decisions to optimize end-user experiences; deepening consumer and audience engagement; and generating new business value for the enterprises that rely on our platform. 


Krux Digital Marketing Hub Video 
Salesforce DMP co-founder and CTO, Vivek Vaidya, provides his perspective on the technology behind Salesforce DMP’s platform.

Explore the Salesforce DMP Platform

Capture Module

Web Data
(Desktop/ Mobile)
Krux Control Tag
Krux for Mobile Data
Data Collection Servers
(Distributed, Low-Latency)

Analysis Module

Reports Data Warehouse
Cloud Data Processing/ETL
Krux Cloud Operating System
Logs (Full, Redundant, Always-On Access)

Activation Module

Web Data
(Desktop / Mobile)
User Data Service
Content Connector
Distributed Realtime Web Services Infrastructure
NOSQL (Distributed, Low-Latency)