DSaaS: Tools, Resources, Results

VIDEO: CEO Dialogue - DSaaS & Survata

Many companies today lack the data scientists they need to drive their data operations.  Many data scientists may lack the data environment in which to test their models and algorithms.  Many companies may have great data models to put to use but are unable to bring them to bear within their data platform. Others may want to test their models and algorithms against the great work of others so they might learn and iterate. 

Salesforce Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) solves for these challenges and more, helping companies to execute the kind of data science initiatives required to turn raw data into actionable insights and take full advantage of the mountains of data they now collect.

Ultimately, the demand for data science and data scientists far outstrips available resources.  With DSaaS, Salesforce meets some of this demand by democratizing access to machine learning and large data sets so that many, not just a few, can experience the benefits and power of data science.

  • DSaaS transforms the challenge into a project where machines can be put to work to create scale and deliver rich insights.
  • Marketers can use DSaaS to perform sophisticated data science analysis on enormous data sets to find deep insights into consumers and campaigns.
  • Further, DSaaS can cull data from Salesforce’s cloud in privacy-safe, aggregated, analysis-ready formats and combine it with analytical models and algorithms from any source.

DSaaS is comprised of two interlocking components: Feed, for data access, and Kognitive, for machine learning and analytics.

Feed provides companies with a set of open interfaces and transport protocols for people data. Salesforce Feed includes:

  • programmatic API’s for discovery, transport, and certification of data;
  • gateway services that Salesforce partners and customers can use to activate new data-driven offerings; and
  • access to normalized people data in analysis-ready, aggregated, anonymized, privacy-safe formats.

These capabilities enable companies to transport large volumes of data quickly and seamlessly in a privacy-safe manner, allowing them to fuel third-party applications and services. 

Kognitive is the technology framework Salesforce has built that enables customers and partners to coordinate large data science projects in a cooperative, distributed fashion. Kognitive includes:

  • a combination of capabilities that allows companies to apply algorithms and to uncover insights from the massive data flowing through Salesforce DMP's platform;
  • access to Salesforce’s proprietary algorithms and models; and
  • the ability for customers to develop, deploy, and test their own models inside Salesforce Kognitive. 

As always, data governance is paramount, with Kognitive relying on the same governance methods Salesforce uses for data activation and access, but now carried into the realm of algorithms and models. Kognitive does this because algorithms and models are, like data, a precious asset, IP that needs to be unleashed, on times, terms, conditions of a company’s choosing.