Salesforce DMP: Market Leading Infrastructure and Services

Salesforce DMP delivers a suite of technology and services that help marketers, media companies, and agencies put data to work across all devices and channels. With Salesforce DMP, leading companies are orchestrating breakthrough brand experiences, deepening consumer engagement across every touchpoint, and driving positive business results.

Salesforce DMP: Having evolved well beyond its DMP roots, Salesforce DMP's platform now serves as the Intelligent Marketing Hub, a data decision system that helps brands, agencies, and publishers create and deliver more relevant, more valuable media, content, and commerce experiences. Find out more.

Salesforce DMP | Link: Salesforce DMP has delivered the market first peer-to-peer connections platform, Salesforce DMP | Link, a complement to the Salesforce DMP. Link connects data owners with data buyers, creating unique partner modalities and facilitating new opportunities for data activation. Find out more. 

Salesforce DSaaS:  Salesforce DMP's latest initiative delivers Big Data, on demand.  DSaaS, or Data Science as a Service, with the breakthrough offerings Salesforce DMP Feed and Krux Kognitive, democraticizes data science, allowing any company to undertake and execute the kinds of data science initiatives required to turn mountains of raw data into actionable insights.  Find out more.