Capture, Unify, Activate Audience Data
From Any Source, Across Any Channel

Seeking Alpha Highlights a 24x ROI - Data Matters 2016

Today's media companies must harness the power of audience data and consumer insight to survive and thrive. Marketers are demanding data-driven solutions, and audiences are demanding more relevant, more valuable web experiences.  

Salesforce's market-leading Data Management Platform (DMP) delivers. Now you, along with more than 100 of the world’s leading publishers, can:

  • Protect your audience data assets.
  • Capture and unify data from every source.
  • Increase the value of your advertising inventory through advanced audience targeting capabilities. 
  • Personalize content experiences through precise audience segmentation and targeting.
  • Create entirely new data-driven revenue streams through Salesforce DMP | Link.
  • Solve the cross-device identity challenge to enable true multi-channel, global messaging.
  • Leverage a wide range of 2nd and 3rd party data for reach extension.
  • Connect to more sources of buyer demand.

Salesforce DMP offers a faster, smarter. and safer way, delivering: 

Most importantly, Salesforce DMP focuses solely on data infrastructure and services. Salesforce DMP doesn't buy or sell media, and we don't operate a data exchange, so you can rest easy that our business objectives align 100% with yours. 

Krux gives us the technology firepower to capture what women are telling us about their desires, affinities and aspirations, make sense of it, and then take action using it across screens and platforms. Krux plays a critical role in assisting us in delivering meaningful experiences to women across all life stages, and more valuable media results for our marketing partners.

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