People Data, No Limits

What We Do

Salesforce DMP helps more than 200 leading marketers and media companies deliver more relevant, thus more valuable, consumer experiences by capturing, unifying, and activating data signatures across every device (desktop, mobile, tablet, set-top) and every channel (display, social, search, video), in real time.

Every company is awash in people data from multiple sources, without the tools to harness and learn from it. Through our data management platform (DMP), Salesforce DMP serves as the Intelligent Marketing HubTM that helps market leaders deliver breakthrough media, content, and commerce experiences that deepen consumer engagement, strengthen brands, and improve business performance.

Monthly, Salesforce DMP interacts with more than 3 billion browsers and devices, supports more than 200 billion data collection events, processes more than 5 billion CRM records, and orchestrates more than 200 billion personalized consumer experiences.

Salesforce DMP was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in San Francisco with ten offices across five continents. Salesforce DMP clients include companies like Kellogg, ConAgra, Jet Blue, Mondelez, Time Warner, Meredith and Peugeot-PSA, with enterprises regularly achieving a 10x or higher ROI. 

Our Vision

We believe that people data, responsibly collected and managed, will one day oxygenate advertising, content, commerce, collaboration, teaching, healing, inventing, building, negotiating and learning.

The Internet's first wave centered on the flow of bits, bytes, keywords, texts, email and digital content of all kinds. The next wave is about knowledge and learning, energized by intelligent, always-on services that make sense of the flood of people data flowing across IP-enabled devices.

Salesforce DMP is building a pervasive power grid for the Internet that intelligently, safely connects data on a just-in-time basis to events, places and devices where it can drive more productive, valuable experiences for people.

Our History

Salesforce DMP was founded in 2010, conducting seed funding in May 2010, led by Mike Galgon, founder of aQuantive, and Howard Charney, founder of 3COM and Grand Junction, currently SVP, Cisco. Salesforce DMP completed its Series A funding in September 2011, led by Accel Partners and IDG Ventures, along with continued participation and support of earlier investors. In June 2014, Salesforce DMP completed its third round of funding, raising $35 million in Series B funding, led by SAP Ventures and welcomed three new investors: Time Warner Investments, Visionnaire Ventures, and Temasek.

Salesforce closed its acquisition of Krux on November 1, 2016.  

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