Krux Data Sentry & NBCU

Situation:   NBCU was an early Data Sentry adopter and, with Krux’s help, has developed one of the strictest client and partner contract data riders in the industry and the monitoring capability to actually enforce it.

Findings:  Based on analysis conducted from mid-August to mid-November 2011, Krux Data Sentry exposed unexpected data ‘collector’ and ‘usher’ activities.
• Almost 70% of data collection was conducted by third-parties that NBCU partners ushered onto the page
• A leading data exchange had tags on nearly every page and served as the gateway 12 different potentially-competitive data collectors, while a well-known analytics/network company ushered 17 different data collectors
• In a more extreme example, one trading desk, also with widespread tag placement, ushered 31 different ad networks and DSPs

“We take these matters as seriously as anyone in the business.  But without Krux, we’d have little insight into where corrective measures were needed and absolutely no actionable data to evaluate partners and enforce some of the most basic terms of our contracts.”  
- Steven Gold, VP Sales Ops, NBCU

Action Taken:  In response, NBCU looks to go even further in protecting audience assets.
• Determine which companies truly need to be on page and which can be placed into a container tag to rein in unwanted data collection activity
• Review all third-party data sales for efficacy and evaluate the expanded use of first-party data in direct sales as an alternative
• In all cases, carefully evaluate the necessity of a company’s pixel and tighten contractual limitations to ensure clear expectations and maximum protection for NBCU

“With a network as broad and diverse as NBCU, combined with the partnership complexity that comes with running the Universal Ad Platform, I sleep much better at night knowing we have Krux in our corner and a solution like Data Sentry protecting our most critical asset: our audience data.” 
- Peter Naylor, EVP Digital Media, NBCU