Data Leakage Saga Has Happy Ending

As a broad and diverse network, NBCUniversal knew its first-party data was valuable, and wanted to protect its audience assets from unexpected data collector and usher activities. Operations executives at the network knew they needed to and stop unnecessary data collection in its tracks. Using Krux Data Sentry, they discovered almost 70% of data collection was conducted by third-parties that NBCU partners ushered onto the page – including potential competitors. They knew they had to take action. Learn how NBCU developed one of the strictest client and partner contract data riders in the industry and the monitoring capability to actually enforce it.

Result: 100% of assets now protected; 84% of unauthorized parties removed from site

“We take these matters as seriously as anyone in the business.  But without Krux, we’d have little insight into where corrective measures were needed and absolutely no actionable data to evaluate partners and enforce some of the most basic terms of our contracts.”