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Realtime visitor analytics and engagement platform

affordable and easy-to-use solutions for the small to mid-size business.

Easy to understand

Tired of wading through raw analytics numbers? Let Krux SMB interpret.

Different in all the right ways

We introduce you to your visitors in a way other metrics software packages can’t.

It's all about your audience

Don’t just track user behavior, understand who your users are.

The right message at the right time

Knowing who your users are means you can reach them precisely where and as they are.

Track Visitors in Realtime

With Krux SMB you can see how users interact with your site (which pages they visit, what actions they take) and what that data means in terms of audience engagement and customer loyalty.

Different Data

Unlike other analytics platforms, our audience analytics reveal crucial demographics of your visitors. No need to blindly guess how to reach your audience. Speak to them with precision.

Social Sharing

We also have, as a special gift for you, social sharing buttons. Our secure widget allows you to get your content on social networks without giving away your social data.

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