Salesforce DMP | Link: Simplicity, Transparency, Lower Costs

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Salesforce DMP | LinkTM is a connections platform, a complement to the Salesforce DMP. Link connects data owners with data buyers, creating unique partner modalities and facilitating new opportunities for data sharing and data activation.

Link supports all manner of data activation scenarios, e.g., data-only, data+media, programmatic activity, social, email, video, eCommerce, IoT:

  • providing data owners secure, transparent mechanism to monetize their precious consumer data assets;
  • giving data buyers the opportunity to find more of the people they care about across the open web; and
  • helping all parties a simpler, more streamlined approach to cross-channel data activation and monetization.  

The Salesforce DMP | Link benefits:

  • Peer-to-peer transaction model that's entirely participant-driven, with Salesforce serving only as facilitator
  • Provider-defined pricing and access rules with assurances of data quality, ownership, and provenance
  • Absolutely transparent fee structure, reducing transaction costs by up to 75%

“The market is hungry for efficient, effective data activation. Krux is answering the call to ‘just handle it,’ ensuring seamless connections and powering data activation across all delivery channels.” Michael Moreau, COO, Link Data Cloud 


Salesforce DMP | Link enables secure peer-to-peer data connections for marketers, agencies, and publishers. 


Salesforce DMP | Link streamlines and simplifies media and data activation, eliminating unnecessary cost and complexity.

Salesforce estimates that up to 75% of media spend is eroded as, at each stage of campaign execution and delivery, players like Agency Trading Desks (ATD), Demand Side Platforms (DSP), Data Brokers, Media Exchanges, Supply-Side Platforms (SSP), and other intermediaries all vie for a slice of the pie.


Why Link? Opaque Markets Hurt Everyone

Data buyers, such as marketers and agencies, rarely have assurances that they are paying a fair price nor can they be confident about the source and provenance of the data they are acquiring. Data owners, such as content publishers, are increasingly interested in creating data-only revenue streams, but they are concerned about controlling access and making sure they are getting the right price for the audiences they cultivate. In either case, buyers and sellers both worry about leaking too much value to the brokers, resellers, and other middlemen who manage most data transactions today.  Today's opaque data markets hurt both marketers and publishers. Salesforce DMP | Link provides a well-lit, secure environment to address this problem head-on.

Building on global reach of 3B users and devices and the unrivaled adoption of our market-leading data platform, Salesforce DMP | Link is unique in the market. Most data middlemen today operate as "black boxes" -- sellers don't know where data is going, and buyers have no assurance of where data was sourced. Salesforce DMP | Link is different, because it is a marketplace that is, essentially, managed by the buyers and sellers themselves. Since Salesforce doesn't buy or sell media, and we have never operated a network, exchange or advertising business, the market trusts us to serve these functions without bias of any kind. Scores of leading media companies, marketers, and agencies understand the strategic importance of these distinctions and are relying on Salesforce DMP | Link to enable millions of data transactions each day. 

“For too long, exchanges and marketplaces have behaved as market principals adding cost and complexity to data activation. Link solves this too-many-hands-in-the-cookie-jar problem, providing a large, virtual trust network where data owners and buyers connect directly, efficiently, and without fear of hidden costs." Tom Chavez,  CEO Salesforce DMP

“The Krux platform and its solutions team are proving instrumental in enabling our data strategy, and helping us deliver richer, more relevant consumer brand experiences. This continued success only serves to validate our decision to adopt Krux’s technology platform, and we applaud Krux for its long-term vision and continued leadership in the data management sector.”

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