Learn Iteratively,
Act and Adapt Accordingly

Data Learning

A key capability of People Data Activation, Learning helps you effortlessly adapt to new events and experiences across all data types, uses, channels, systems and segments. Salesforce DMP is designed for iterative learning and continuous insight – as your audiences evolve, so does your in-depth understanding of their needs.

  • Data types: Track clicks, conversions, redemptions, downloads, registrations, hovers, mouse-overs, eye-movements and location.
  • Uses: Quicker iteration enables more dynamic content, more effective marketing and selling, and more intelligent collaboration.
  • Segments: Through flexible authoring and discovery of audience segments, you can create new theories of the consumer and test them in real time. 

Your customers are changing their mind at web velocity. Iterative, real-time learning gives you the precision and the intelligence to respond to their rapidly shifting preferences and needs.