100% People Data
100% Recall, 100% of the Time

Next-Gen DMP Data CompletenessCompleteness delivers extreme anticipatory awareness for intelligent, always-on responses to customers' changing behaviors and preferences. A complete architecture gives you an ever-expanding reservoir of data you can use to create new hypotheses or infer new results about your people — what they like, what they hate, why they prefer you, where they're headed, how to find more people just like them.

With a complete system, all data is fully available for retrieval and activation at any time, even if you didn’t define, specify or refer to it in the past. That means instant data intelligence and activation––with no business delay. 

Salesforce DMP is the only DMP that gives you the total view, recall and capture of 100% of your people data across all systems and silos at any moment in real time. Krux Completeness empowers businesses to deliver customer experiences at web velocity through: 

  • Data ingestion at scale from all offline and online sources, including CRM systems, connected devices, set-top boxes and Internet of Things (IoT) devices

  • Audience discovery and real-time segmentation with fully flexible taxonomies

  • On-demand transport and activation of data to all channels and screens

  • Turnkey access to a broad ecosystem of third-party data providers