2012 Krux Cross-Industry Study

June 12, 2012 - krux
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Krux Research Shows 400% Year-Over-Year Growth in Data Collection

Following up to our inaugural Cross Industry Study (CIS), Krux is proud to present CIS 2012. This report revisits our earlier analysis, provides a snapshot of the state of the data collection ecosystem, and highlights key year-over-year tends.

Publishers who leak data leak revenue. They face threats from middlemen who steal data and use it to create directly competitive audience-based offerings. Also of concern is page latency: the more rogue
 collection that occurs, the longer the wait time for users, the lower the publisher’s search rankings, and the sharper the decline in overall site traffic over time.  Highlights from the study include:

  • Activity:  Data collection volume increased by 400% year-over-year, from an average of 10 collection events per page to 50, and 54% of that activity was entirely beyond publishers’ control (compared to 31% the previous year). 
  • Access:  78% of all third-party data collectors were also observed serving as ‘ushers,’ bringing other collectors to a web page.  This is up from 55% the previous year. 
  • Risk:  42% of all collection observed was from companies that may be using the data to power competitive media or data businesses.  This is up from 27% the previous year.
  • Actors:  The number of individual data collectors nearly doubled, with more than 300 parties observed in the 2012 CIS, compared to 167 the previous year.

This dramatic growth in data collection reflects the display advertising market’s shift to audience-based buying and is happening hand-in-glove with the growth of RTB (‘real-time bidding’).  Media buyers and resellers are pairing premium data with low cost exchange-based media, bypassing direct ad sales channels entirely.  Much of the data collection explored in this study is powering that audience-based buying activity.

We hope you find the report informative and thought provoking, and we look forward to your feedback on its findings.  - Team Krux

Download the 2012 Krux Cross-Industry Study

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