Wenner Media Calls Programmatic ‘Integral’ Driver Of Business

AdExchange recently inteviewed Wenner Media chief digital officer, David Kang, Michael Persaud, Wenner’s new director of programmatic advertising, and Paul Likins, head of advertising operations to learn more about their digital media strategy and how they are approaching the programmatic private marketplace. Krux is excited to be working with Wenner Media and look forward to seeing their data strategy goals expand as they harness control on their Audience Data.

How are you looking at and harnessing audience data?

DAVID KANG: Part of bringing on the DMP [Wenner began using Krux about a month ago] is to look for interesting intersections. We know our overall demographic for Us Weekly may be women, ages 18 to 54. It’s definitely worth talking to advertisers, finding out what corners they want to stand on that we may not have thought of, and that’s part of the beauty of bringing on Krux and bringing on a DMP.

A lot of it maps tightly with the brand proposition. With Us Weekly, it’s a young woman who’s on the go, who is into beauty and fashion and who very much follows pop culture and enjoys celebrities and our voice, where it’s great coverage and quality journalism, but there’s a little bit of snark to keep it fun and interesting. We feel like that brand equity is reflected in the demos of people who visit us.

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