VIDM Announces Krux Patnership for Asia Pacific

ViDM Turns Publishers’ Audience Data into Gold

~ forms Asia Pacific Partnership with Krux ~

Sydney, March 7, 2012 – ViDM (Ventures in Digital Media), Asia Pacific’s leading digital media and advertising technology solutions company, has today announced an Asia Pacific exclusive partnership with Krux, the cloud-based consumer data solutions company. The partnership offers premium publishers a platform to deliver safer, smarter, cooler, faster web experiences and advertising.

ViDM will offer Krux’s solutions to digital publishers and website operators through-out the Asia Pacific region via its subsidiary company, emerge Digital, which was established to give premium digital publishers the ability to extract greater value from their media and audience data assets and their ad inventory.

Founded in 2010, Krux delivers data fabric for the consumer web. The company's platform helps websites capture, control, and connect consumer data signatures across all digital screens, sources and formats. The Krux platform turns analysis into action to help publishers drive more valuable advertising, more relevant content, and more effective commerce.

This partnership reflects ViDM’s business model of providing publishers with the technology to drive smarter data-driven business models.

Dozens of website operators in the US and Europe have adopted Krux technology, including companies like NBC Universal, Financial Times, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal Digital Network. Through its diverse community of clients and partners, Krux helps improve web experiences for more than 220 million Internet users worldwide.

Angus McDonald, Managing Director of emerge Digital, said “we are incredibly excited by this partnership with Krux and the opportunity it presents Asia Pacific’s premium publishers to realise the value of their audience data. Our partnership with Krux exemplifies our commitment to deliver independent and actionable data-driven insights; and to equip publishers with the most innovative technology available in the world today.”

“Publishers aren’t claiming their fair share from the content, commerce, and advertising experiences that they have invested so much to create,” said Tom Chavez, co-founder and CEO of Krux. “Our objective is to help clients make the most of their audience and media assets.  The ViDM team shares our vision and we’re excited to be working in partnership with them through-out Asia Pacific to help digital publishers catalyse new revenue from the responsible, intelligent application of consumer data.”

ViDM CEO and Managing Director, Willie PangWillie Pang, said “Krux’s strong vision for the protection, management, and monetisation of publisher data reflects skills that all publishers will need to master to survive in the shifting digital advertising landscape.

Through this partnership with Krux, publishers can put their data to work making each content, commerce, and advertising interaction feel more personal and more relevant.  ViDM shares a vision with Krux that supports this shift to a more personal web experience across all devices and formats, and ViDM is the ideal conduit to deliver this technology to publishers across the Asia Pacific region.”

Emerge Digital now provides Asia Pacific’s digital publishers with the world’s leading consumer data management platform (DMP), in partnership with Krux, and Asia Pacific’s first independent private supply-side platform (SSP), YieldConnect, emerge

Digital’s newly launched proprietary platform. Together, the two technologies enable emerge Digital to offer publishers a collaborative solution set that enables them to protect, organise, control and monetise their most critical assets, namely media and audience data.

Angus McDonald, Managing Director at emerge Digital will be speaking at the ExchangeWire Ad Trading Summit (ATS) event in Sydney on March 13.

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Founded in August 2010, ViDM is Asia Pacific’s leading digital advertising technology solutions company. The company’s solutions bridge the innovation gap that exists between the APAC and advanced markets of North America and the UK, by bringing the world’s leading digital media and advertising technologies to brands, online publishers and advertising agencies. The ViDM group is comprised of two wholly owned subsidiary companies, including Amplify, a digital media services company for Brands, and Emerge Digital, an advertising technology solutions provider for premium Publishers. The ViDM group of companies delivers vertically integrated solutions to its customers, making innovation tangible, accessible and accountable. Find out more at

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Founded in 2010, Krux delivers data fabric for the consumer web.  The company's platform helps websites capture, control, and connect data across all digital screens and sources.  With Krux, companies deliver cooler, safer, faster, smarter web experiences.  With Krux, consumers gain confidence that their favorite websites are operating under the plain light of day.  Dozens of website operators in the US, Europe, and Asia have adopted Krux technology, including companies like NBC Universal, Sanoma, Recruit, Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal Digital Network.  Find out more at