The Next Generation Consumer Web with a Focus on “People Data Management”

SAN FRANCISCO, NEW YORK and LONDON, Nov. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Twenty years into the consumer web and its expansion into all forms of computing - PCs, tablets, mobile and more - the typical consumer online experience is failing to reach its full potential according to data management platform provider Krux (

The enterprise software that currently helps manage consumer web experiences is struggling to keep pace with the vast amounts of data generated on the web.  Furthermore, it treats the people using the web as a secondary phenomenon, throwing occasionally useful scraps of data - an address attached to a purchase or an online profile that clicked or converted - in order to be placed into a bucket that best describes that "type" of person.

A new people-based approach to addressing the inadequacies of the consumer web is called "People Data Management." The business concept is discussed in a Krux whitepaper, "People Data Management:  Premise & Promise," available online at

"People Data Management is a category of enterprise software that puts people, and not companies, at the center.  Through a combination of big data and technologies perfected on the consumer web, People Data Management delivers top line revenues for companies by giving the real-time infrastructure they need to engage with people at any moment on any device," said Tom Chavez, Krux co-founder and CEO.

Krux believes that marketers and publishers should evaluate and choose data management systems on five capabilities:  governance, real-time, flexibility, integration and sense-making. Collectively, these five capabilities, operating at peak performance, constitute People Data Management.

Krux is challenging online businesses, the advertising and marketing communities, technologists, standards organizations, privacy advocates, consumers and all other interested parties to form a coalition and open a dialogue to accelerate the web's evolution into a People Data Management approach.

With People Data Management systems, the enterprise will maximize revenue and improve its relationships with people by delivering a system of engagement that continually makes sense of the flood of data from different screens and different sources – providing people with what they want, when they want it and where they want it.

The People Data Management website provides information and content on Krux's vision for the next generation of People Data Management systems, including a free downloadable white paper and informational videos. Krux invites all stakeholders to react, engage and join the conversation to help shape the future on the message board and on Twitter at #peopledata. For more information on People Data Management, contact Mukund Ramachandran, Krux's vice president of marketing, at or (650) 387-4514.