The Marketer’s Guide to Big Data Partners

AdAge features Krux in their new infographic The Marketer's Guide to Big Data Partners published online at and in the AdAge "Data Issue" released on Oct 28, 2013 . The guide provides marketers with the 6 categories they need to evaluate and support in order to acheive their Big Data strategy. 

"Online Data Management Platforms (frequently shortened to DMPs) evolved in response to the huge volume of data being generated in the digital world and the tendency for data collected from individual channels to reside in silos. A DMP can serve as a central hub to collect, integrate, manage and ultimately activate those large volumes of data from any online or offline source--Web and mobile Web, point of purchase, CRM programs, social media, etc. A DMP can take data collected by marketers (first-party data) and combine it with such third-party data as demographic information or behavioral data to improve the effectivemess and targeting of marketing messages"

Visit to check out the new infographic.