SK Planet Selects Krux to Underpin Data Strategy and Improve Customer Experience

Krux Data Management Platform (DMP) to fuel more sophisticated marketing and create new data-driven revenue streams for the SK brand 

SEOUL, (November 5, 2015)

SK Planet, a global platform innovator and a wholly owned subsidiary of SK Telecom, has selected the Krux DMP to unify the company’s data to deliver a more advanced digital media offering. The Krux partnership will enable SK Planet to connect the company’s diverse online commerce platforms in one place providing tailored information and targeted advertising to individual customers based on consumer behavior, as well as new advertiser propositions and revenue streams.

The deal expands upon the existing relationship with SK, with Krux also selected as the company’s DMP of choice for SK encar, and further cements the partnership across the SK business as a whole. SK Planet leads the way in the revolution of online and mobile service platforms. With integrated commerce, digital contents, and advertising and marketing businesses, the company is a truly integrated service platform that encompasses online, offline and mobile marketing channels. The partnership with Krux will see the enhancement of SK Planet’s current offering through the improvement of cross platform targeting capabilities to provide consumers with a smarter shopping experience by integrating all channels.

The partnership with Krux is the next step for SK Planet towards the new data-driven era, filled limitless possibilities to enhance consumer experiences. Krux will help to make SK Planet’s existing wealth of data actionable, providing consumers with a more personalised connection by ensuring the content they receive is relevant and streamlined across all of their online and offline interactions.

SK Planet selected Krux based on the DMP’s reputation as a world class partner and reputable global leader in data management with the capability to strengthen the company’s current offering by tapping  into existing data assets that, until now, have not been utilised to full potential. SK Planet is already benefiting from the partnership, improving customer engagement, new advertiser proposition and opening up new revenue streams required to remain competitive in the current market – all based on the power and flexibility of the Krux enterprise platform.

With a deep understanding  of the regulatory telecommunications environments in Asia Pacific  and the ability to deliver a tailored offering to customers, Krux already plays an active role unifying complex telecommunications data, quickly and efficiently before making that data available for activation for customers across the region. The partnership with SK Planet will see Krux further expanding its capability into this sector.  

“We are excited to be working with SK Planet. The opportunity to build new businesses with data as the foundation is the future. SK Planet understands that this is a journey, and it is important to begin with building capabilities, and work with reputable, trusted global leaders like Krux,” said Krux Managing Director Asia Pacific & Mid East, Stuart Spiteri.

“Krux is privileged to be working with many Telcos around Asia Pacific to unify, and activate their people data in a responsible, privacy-compliant, and respectful way.  In Asia Pacific we see telcos and financial institutions waking up to the enormous opportunity they have to exercise their data in fields far apart from their core, and not only in digital media,” he said.

About SK Planet

SK planet, a wholly owned subsidiary of SK telecom, was established in October 1, 2011 with an aspiration to become a global platform innovator. As the lynchpin of SK telecom's future growth, the company was spun off with the industry-leading platform businesses including T store (mobile contents market), T map (mobile navigation), and Syrup Wallet (mobile wallet service). The company also pioneers in next commerce, which integrates on/offline and mobile channels, with Syrup, Korea's first smart offering service and continues to expand its online commerce leadership to global market with 11th st.

About Krux

Krux helps companies worldwide deliver personalized marketing, media, and commerce experiences to the right people, in the right way, and at the right time. Krux’s cloud-based data management platform (DMP) operates in real time, unifying people data from all screens and sources into a single view of the individual; analyzing the data to understand each individual's preferences; and activating the data across any delivery channel. Monthly, Krux interacts with over 3 billion browsers and devices, serves over 20 billion page views, and processes nearly 2 billion CRM records. Founded in 2010, Krux is a venture-backed company headquartered in San Francisco with ten offices across four continents. Krux clients, such as Kellogg, Time Warner and Meredith, have achieved a 10x return or higher on their investment. To learn more, visit, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.