Mobile DMP: Dead At Design Time

Krux Co-Founder and CEO Tom Chavez addresses the “mobile DMP” head on in the AdExchanger Data-Driven Thinking column on Monday, Feb. 17.

"In June 1999, a venture called Wingspan Bank launched with a breakthrough idea: Consumers should do their banking online. By September 2000, it was defunct. What happened?

If you’re not living in a log cabin deep in a forest writing a manifesto, you already know what happened. Everyone — consumers, investors and especially banks — quickly came to their senses and realized that online banking made no sense as a standalone concept. Incumbent banks adjusted quickly and began offering online as part of the plain-vanilla package for all their consumers. Wingspan went from hero to zero in 14 months.

Markets moved fast then, but they move exceedingly faster in 2014, which is why the half-life for “mobile DMP” is less than six months. Just as there was no online banking, similarly, there is no mobile DMP. There’s simply DMP."

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Mobile DMP? There's no such thing. from Krux Digital, Inc. on Vimeo.