Managing Risks While Monetizing Unsold Inventory

Michael Moreau -- Krux, VP, Solutions shares his industry wide knowledge on data-driven media in a recent article published on —


Publishers have a love-hate relationship with this word. On the one hand, programmatic channels help sell unsold ad inventory. On the other hand, introducing third parties into online ad sales opens the door for potential data leakage (the collection and usage of consumer behavioral data without the website owner’s knowledge), and inherent brand identity risks.

Protecting publishers’ brands, and more importantly, their customers’ data, is critical when trying to maximize revenue opportunities. Finding the right balance between using third parties to drive sales and maintaining a safe brand environment may prove to be difficult at times, but it can be managed. There are three issues for publishers to consider in minimizing risk and maximizing revenue opportunities.

Find out what three issues need publisher's attention and Mr. Moreau's quick tips for publishers on managing and protecting their greatest assets across channels HERE