Leading German Publisher Exchange, reaching over 80% of the German Internet population, chooses Krux

AdAudience strengthens Premium Targeting through technology partnerships with Krux, Yieldlab and Adition – AdAudience offers Programmatic selling for the first time

Munich, 23 January 2014 -- In 2014, AdAudience will significantly expand its technical groundwork for premium ad targeting. As of January, the integration of Krux’s technology will allow AdAudience to fully leverage its data. Alongside Audience Science’s predictive behavioural targeting solutions, Krux will facilitate external data integration and enable AdAudience to optimize the monetization of its data. AdAudience will be able develop new targeting products and specific solutions for individual advertisers.

Additionally, AdAudience will enter into a strategic partnership with Yieldlab to implement programmatic selling in its data-driven advertising. The offer will be made available on an automated basis through private deals.

For the production and distribution of ads, AdAudience will use Adition’s ad server technology.

Stefan Krötz, managing director of AdAudience: “We are glad to be able to offer the market two innovations and even better products. Our new technology partners will strengthen our core business, premium targeting, and at the same time, enable us to widen our product range. Our combined website and data portfolio has a unique position in the German market. We will make the most of this competitive advantage. Our innovation pipeline is well supplied.”

For more information, please visit www.adaudience.de.

About Krux
Krux delivers the data fabric for the consumer web to enterprises around the globe and collectively reaches more than 800 million people online every month.  Enterprises use Krux’s leading Data Management Platform (DMP) to protect, manage and monetize data across all their screens and sources. With Krux, enterprises are able to offer cooler, safer, faster and smarter web experiences while people who interact with these sites gain confidence that their favorite websites are operating under the plain light of day.  Companies across the U.S., Europe, Australia and Asia have adopted Krux technology including The New York Times, Bloomberg, Meredith, NBC Universal, Forbes Media, Triad Retail Media, Wikia, Financial Times, The Telegraph, Axel Springer, News Limited and The Wall Street Journal Digital Network.

About AdAudience
AdAudience was founded as a joint venture of G+J Electronic Media Sales, IP Deutschland, SevenOne Media and TOMORROW FOCUS Media. In November 2012, Axel Springer Media Impact, iq digital media marketing and OMS joined. AdAudience combines the online reach of these seven partners and takes targeting audiences to a whole new level – on quality websites. AdAudience reaches over 80 percent of German internet users.

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