Krux launches, adopts Krux solution

Krux Digital Empowers Publishers to Responsibly Collect, Manage and Protect Consumer Data

Launch of platform comes at crossroads in online advertising industry as public demands the safeguard of their data; legislation looms
NEW YORK - August 11, 2010-Krux Digital today announced the launch of their publisher platform designed to arm digital publishers and website operators with a platform for managing audience data across devices, sources and formats in a responsible and transparent way. As the online advertising industry responds to calls for clarity around privacy practices and how consumer data is shared, high-traffic publishers, such as, are among the first to partner with Krux Digital for a solution.
Legacy publisher systems have been architected to handle ads, not data. They do not give website operators the tools required to detect when consumer data is skimmed or stolen; to collect and organize it in a central, secure system of record; and to intelligently control its flow across partner channels and networks. Krux Digital operates with the mission to resolve these concerns by providing a neutral platform for publishers to responsibly collect, protect and manage audience data. Krux Digital advances the interests of digital publishers and consumers alike by delivering infrastructure that works at every turn to preserve privacy and thwart data piracy.
"Forbes is excited to be working with Krux in these early stages, as they are one of the strongest publisher infrastructure teams in the industry," said Michael Smith, President of He continued, "Privacy has always been a top priority, and the Krux platform serves to provide support in protecting, controlling and monetizing Forbes audience data."
In the past week, privacy and data protection has come to the forefront of the digital media dialogue. As audience data emerges as a media asset class unto itself, consumers are beginning to discern the importance of proactively managing their digital profiles.
"We are inspired to deliver a platform that allows a website publisher to become a more secure, more intelligent conduit of consumer interests, behaviors and intent," stated Vivek Vaidya, founder and CTO of Krux Digital. "More importantly, with the Krux platform, consumers gain confidence that their favorite websites are operating under the plain light of day."
"Given the emerging privacy regime, we’re in an industry that’s long on rules, short on tools," said Tom Chavez, founder and CEO of Krux Digital. "My team and I are thrilled to be underway with a new business that, we believe, can do well by doing good. We’re resolved to quickly deliver the winning platform to energize a new era of data-driven digital media."
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Krux Digital, founded in early 2010, gives websites a platform to safeguard, manage, and make responsible use of consumer data signatures across multiple sources, formats, and devices. With Krux, websites become more secure, more intelligent conduits of consumer interests, behaviors, and intent. With Krux, consumers gain confidence that their favorite websites are operating under the plain light of day. Many digital media publishers are adopting Krux technology, including companies such as and Find out more at
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