Krux & CrowdScience Announce Alliance


Alliance Delivers Comprehensive Solution for Publishers to Control, Energize And Responsibly Monetize Their Consumer Data

New York and San Francisco, December 14, 2011 -- Krux (, the technology leader in Audience Data Control solutions, and Crowd Science (, the first-party audience measurement and segmentation company, today announced a new technology and services alliance.  The two firms will collaborate to enable digital publishers and website operators the ability to extract greater value from their media and audience assets. 

Crowd Science provides the ability to uncover and define rich, differentiated audience segments to inform publisher sales strategy. Krux delivers a comprehensive Audience Data Control platform, making those audience insights actionable as website operators put them to use enhancing consumers’ content, commerce, and advertising experiences. Together, the companies deliver a solution unique in its breadth. Publishers get the consumer insight, data control, and ‘table stakes’ audience infrastructure required to generate new revenue through intelligent, effective targeting strategies. 

Krux delivers a platform to help large and small websites control, energize, and responsibly monetize consumer data across screens and sources. Through Krux solutions, website operators receive technology, service, and advisory support to unlock new revenue opportunities. According to a recent Krux report, publishers have the potential to realize 15-30% incremental, highly profitable data-driven revenue through application of Krux’s Audience Data Control platform.

Crowd Science provides publishers with a massively scalable data-generation solution that combines the power of deep audience demographics and psychographics with rich behavioral and contextual insights. The result is publisher-owned, first-party data used to segment and target audiences, increase the available high-value audience segments by 10-30%, and expose new sources of high-value advertising inventory.

“The ability to collect deep audience insights, turn those insights into actionable data assets, and then seamlessly and securely apply those assets to benefit a client’s business is extremely powerful,” said Crowd Science CEO, Corey Leibow. “By collaborating with Krux, we combine our strengths to deliver a unique first-party data solution that enables new advertising revenue through differentiated audience-based offerings.”

The alliance will provide publishers and website operators with deeper levels of audience insight, uncovering valuable pools of advertising inventory in a way not possible with legacy systems or via traditional third-party data providers. Crowd Science will leverage components of the Krux platform to help power their consumer tracking, data analysis, and audience segmentation.  The audience insights delivered by Crowd Science will seamlessly integrate with the Krux Audience Data Control platform, shortening the path from analysis and insight to action and results.

“Krux is building data fabric for the consumer web, and core to that is providing operators with the technology and insight to analyze, energize, and execute against their audience assets,” said Tom Chavez, Krux co-founder and CEO. “Our relationship with Crowd Science represents the combination of those two critical elements: infrastructure and insight. Together, we’ll empower clients to uncover new revenues streams, while simultaneously delivering smarter and cooler web experiences for consumers.”

About CrowdScience
Crowd Science ( is revolutionizing audience targeting and segmentation by providing innovative solutions and technologies to online publishers and brands. Companies like Federated Media, Turner Network, PC World, NHL, Meredith and Everyday Health turn to Crowd Science for its powerful and holistic combination of demographic & psychographic insights, and best-in-class technology to improve their display advertising precision and increase revenue.

About Krux:
Founded in 2010, Krux is building data fabric for the consumer web.  The company's platform helps large and small websites control, energize, and responsibly monetize consumer data across screens and sources.  With Krux, websites become more secure, more intelligent conduits of consumer interests, behaviors, and intent.  With Krux, consumers gain confidence that their favorite websites are operating under the plain light of day. More than twenty leading publishers and website operators in the US and Europe have adopted Krux technology.  Find out more at

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