Krux Client Spil Games Close to Automating All Ad Sales

Krux client Spil Games is leading the programmatic pack.  We encourage you to check out the recent Q&A in AdExchanger.

Key excert follows.

AE: Do you expect a substantial revenue boost when you start automating your rich media ad sales next month?

SG: That will relieve a lot of pressure when it comes to traffic we're getting in video. The way video buys are being automated by companies like LiveRail, with whom we are working on this project, is amazing. Time will tell when it comes to revenues, but we're naturally expecting to capture the growing dollars flowing into the video space. The plan involves showing a video ad after someone completes a certain portion of a game – say a player finishes a level and wants to go on to the next stage – and that promises advertisers a more engaged consumer.

It's also part of our wider data management plan. In a few weeks, we'll be finished implementing Krux on our data management platform. The packaging of different formats for different places, and pricing that accordingly, will also make a huge difference.

The combination of being able to more clearly show who's playing a game, who's engaged, and being able to target more easily, will attract more money from the agency trading desks. A lot of the video dollars that are coming online are coming from TV budgets. So the timing of all of these activities feels very right.

Krux is proud to be part of their market leading data-driven advertising strategy.