Krux Awarded Europe-Wide Data Protection “ePrivacyseal”

Independent Europe-wide seal confirms data protection compliance of Krux’s technology

Krux has been awarded the ePrivacyseal. The seal is awarded to companies following a thorough technical and legal review to ensure that the companies’ data practices comply with the strict standards established by German federal data protection law and EU privacy regulations.

Krux is a next generation data management platform (DMP) that helps marketers, publishers and agencies drive revenue by delivering smarter content, commerce and marketing experiences in real time.

“The rise of data management platforms is meeting a growing need for brands to house, sort and activate the large volumes of first and third-party consumer data they are amassing. DMPs are the piping that moves data from one place to another, and this needs to be done intelligently, securely and in line with market regulation,” says Joe Reid, EU Managing Director at Krux.

ePrivacy consult is an independent, consulting service that assesses digital advertising and other clients for compliance with German and EU privacy requirements. ePrivacyconsult certifies companies under their standard, which incorporates German and EU data protection requirements. It involves a rigorous process (including interviews, a legal review and completion of a technical questionnaire).

Explained Reid, “It is absolutely critical that the technology partners with whom organisations choose to work prioritise privacy and data governance. That is why it was so important for Krux to be awarded the ePrivacyseal seal. We looked for the most reputable certification process we could find to provide a strict examination of our technologies, and the ePrivacyseal is the clear leader and a trusted standard across Europe.”

The award signifies Krux’ commitment to compliance of different privacy and security requirements in countries across Europe where it does business.

About Krux
Krux helps companies deliver personalized commerce, media and marketing experiences to the right people, in the right way, at the right time across all devices, browsers and operating systems. Krux's cloud-based data management platform (DMP) unifies people data from multiple screens and sources into a single view of the individual, analyzes the data to understand each individual’s preferences, and activates the data across every channel (desktop, mobile, social, display, web, set-top) in real time. Founded in 2010, Krux interacts with over 2.3 billion browsers and devices worldwide, serves over 20 billion page views per month, and processes more than 1.5 billion CRM records per month. Krux is a venture-backed company headquartered in San Francisco with offices across four continents. Krux clients such as Kellogg, Time Warner, and Meredith have achieved a 10x return or higher on their investment. Follow Krux on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Google+.

About ePrivacyconsult
ePrivacyconsult advises and supports companies in the digital economy with all aspects and challenges of data protection. As an independent service, ePrivacyconsult certifies companies and products with the privacy seal "ePrivacyseal". Prof. Dr. Christoph Bauer works together with a team of technical experts and experienced lawyers on solutions for digital economy companies in Germany and Europe. He regularly contributes to EU data protection issues, publishes articles and gives data protection lectures.