Krux Applauds Centro’s High Scores in Brand Safety and Quality from Trust Metrics

The Krux-Centro partnership is built on a mutual appreciation for the industry's highest data management standards and the value of first-party data ownership today and in to the future. We are very proud to see Centro lead the way and set such a great example for web operators everywhere.

The full press release is available on Centro's site here

Centro’s core business is streamlining digital media operations between agencies and ad sellers. Through its strong relationships with major publishers, Centro created the Centro Brand Exchange, which has first look at many secondary impressions from national and regional premium news sites. It is geared towards performance buyers who want brand safety.

Centro Brand Exchange also offers:

·                More than 100mm monthly unique users (comScore) on 1,500 certified publishers with  journalistic content sites

·                Access through Centro directly or through trading desks and DSPs Premium mobile web and app inventory Geo, channel, site category, device, operating system and day-part targeting

·                Audience targeting from top data providers eXelate, Datalogix, AdAdvisor, Polk, Bizo and more, facilitated by data management platform Krux