A Q&A With Krux VP of Data Roopak Gupta

In his recent interview with AdAge, Krux VP of Data Roopak Gupta gives readers the inside scoop on his life-long interest in computer science and the exciting new abilities DMP's  are creating for Marketers and Publishers.

Digital Info Is More Than a Game for This Data Technologist

Ad Age: What's the difference between simply showing data and actually helping clients take action on that information?

Mr. Gupta: The key to making data actionable is building application programming interfaces -- APIs -- and services that allow the data to flow into any system that can make use of the information in real-time. We have a lot of clients who are putting that data to work on two fronts. First, they're recognizing a user as they come to their sites and then immediately delivering a unique, personalized experience. Second, they're finding users of interest to deliver relevant brand advertising to both on- and off-property.

It takes real-time web service APIs to customize content on websites based on audience segments, and to deploy marketing campaigns for increasing brand awareness (while also driving additional subscriptions and registrations). With the right technology and data-management platform, publishers can surface insights into which users are more likely to subscribe, for instance, and then turn those insights into action by reaching them via direct media campaigns informed by the publishers' user data.


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