The Match Game: Match Rates Are The New Click-Through Rates

VP of Strategic Accounts Chris O'Hara's latest AdExchanger column decodes the complexity around match rates.  

Here's an excerpt. 

Marketers comparing data management platforms have probably asked a vendor about match rates. Unfortunately, many don’t understand what they are asking for. There is simply not much plainspoken dialogue available about the topic.

Match rates are a key factor in deciding how well a vendor can provide cross-device identity mapping. Marketers are starting to request match rate numbers as a method of validation and comparison among ad tech platforms in the same way they wanted click-through rates from ad networks a few years ago. Back in the good old network days, click-through rates were the ultimate arbiter of vendor selection, leading many to game the system.

Will match rates become the de facto metric for choosing DMPs? I think this is a dangerous idea, and I’ll explain why.

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