Tech Companies, New and Old, Clamor to Entice Cloud Computing Experts

The New York Times' Quentin Hardy examines the battle for top tech talent in the Big Data Space. Krux's own co-founders Tom Chavez and Vivek Vaidya, as well as our recruiter, Cade Garrett, share their perspectives on this topic.

Here's an excerpt: 

Facebook also wants employees like the people Mr. Chavez has hired. In fact, Vivek Vaidya, a Krux co-founder, calls the steep salaries Krux is compelled to pay “our Facebook tax.”

Krux takes up several floors of a brick building at the base of South Park, a onetime place of sweatshops that has filled with start-ups and venture capitalists.

On the ground floor, development engineers get daily calls asking if they want to jump ship. A nearby team of data scientists gets 20 or more unsolicited emails a week via LinkedIn. Upstairs, Krux’s recruiter strives to keep people, even as he looks to take from others.

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