5 Steps to Creating a Data-Driven Business

Krux's VP of Solutions, Paul Bates, authored a guest column published in The Drum titled, “Success requires the ability to look at data in novel ways': 5 steps to creating a data-driven business."

Here's an excerpt.

Despite an endless amount of industry discussion about the power of data to drive better business outcomes, many marketers still feel overwhelmed by the challenge of building a data-driven business. While there may be general agreement that a data-driven strategy needs to be about more than chasing and collecting data, only a few leading marketers seemed to have cracked the code on building out truly data-focused operations.

It is important to remember that the data itself does not impart a competitive advantage. True competitive advantage is only realized when a business adopts a holistic approach to turning data into valuable and actionable insights. Technology is just an enabler.

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