The future of Enterprise Software is People Data Management

The rise of the consumer web has given rise to a new normal. Portable computing, always-on communication and ubiquitous network connectivity have transformed people’s expectations and reshaped how they conduct their lives. When it comes to interacting with businesses, people want information that is relevant to them. And they want it now. On whatever screen they happen to have in their pocket or bag.

However, today’s enterprise software struggles to keep pace with the implications of the consumer web. It treats consumers as a secondary phenomenon throwing off occasionally useful scraps of data. Most fatally, it puts companies, and not people at the center of the cosmos.

An inversion of the business world is upon us. People Data Management systems, a new class of enterprise software, will help companies succeed in this new normal. It will deliver what people want anytime, anywhere and in any context while respecting people’s privacy & choice.