Unlock Data From 1.6B Uniques

Krux is the only company offering a true cross-screen Data Management Platform (DMP) that captures data from any device – smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops and connected TVs – and makes it actionable in real-time across web and mobile browsers, apps, commerce and ads.  Through the creation of personalized, real-time experiences using data culled from trillions of user events – analyzed in Krux’s cloud and streamed back to users’ screens via Krux’s proprietary tag delivery infrastructure – leading digital brands on Krux are measurably improving revenue and user engagement across screens and channels

With Krux, companies in the U.S., EU and Asia-Pacific are delivering cooler, faster, smarter web experiences to over 1.2 billion monthly users across the globe.  Companies capturing some of the world’s most valuable consumer data (Meredith, YouBeauty, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Axel Springer, Washington Post, Source Interlink, Cars.com, Financial Times, AARP) depend on Krux to protect and manage their data and connect it safely with trusted partners. Digital innovators (Bloomberg, Telegraph, NBC Universal and Triad Retail Media) depend on Krux to build better brand experiences and improve revenue from commerce and advertising operations.

What makes Krux different? 

  • Real-Time No Limits:  Our clients define their own strategy; we don’t force them into ours.  Put data to work any way you want it, unconstrained by legacy technologies, competing business models, or proprietary taxonomies.  Build your data strategy with infinite flexibility of Krux’s unique event-based framework.  Drive new revenue from data by connecting with the market on terms, conditions, and times of your choosing. 
  • Born from Big Data:  Have a competitive edge today and confidence in your ability to scale tomorrow by adopting a platform architected from the ground up to handle the volume, velocity, and variety of consumer web data.
  • Unmatched Breadth:  Adopt the platform delivering best-in-class audience discovery engine, market-leading web data protection, and fully-integrated tag management.
  • Real-Time, Really:  Make every interaction count with the only DMP delivering true real-time, in-session segmentation.  Go from user action to actionable segment in less than 75 milliseconds.
  • Market Neutrality:  Krux delivers a neutral platform.  Others' primary business is the buying/selling of ads or data, often in competition with the clients they serve.  Krux doesn’t sell ads.  Krux doesn’t run a network or an exchange of any kind.  Krux just does data.

The Krux Platform


Data Protection:  Detect and Prevent, Trust but Verify
  • Monitor third party data collection activity, ensuring practices are consistent with contractual Ts & Cs
  • Expose business risks associated with unauthorized data collection by quantifying the hard-dollar opportunity cost of data leakage and analyzing site-wide impact on page latency
  • Deploy automated, policy-driven data countermeasures to block unwanted collection activity, shielding the business from unwanted data leakage
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Tag Management:  Tag Once, Deliver@Will
  • Drive operational efficiency through centralized tag lifecycle management, including creation, QA, staging, scheduling, delivery, and end-of-life
  • Leverage audience profiles and site hierarchy to guide tag targeting, placement, and pacing
  • Activate multiple tags through a central gateway to throttle data flow and improve revenue capture
  • Minimize page load times, increasing page performance in excess of 30%
Audience Discovery:  Real-Time, No Limits Segmentation and Targeting
  • Create a holistic audience databank to organize, taxonomize, and make actionable the full range of audience information (e.g., registration data, pages visited, downloads, referring keywords, offers clicked on, etc.)
  • Enrich existing media and audience assets through turnkey access to leading third party data providers
  • Dynamically model, define, and manage audience segments to improve advertising revenue and content delivery
  • Determine audience segment populations, measure segment overlaps, and forecast inventory volumes to inform internal planning and external sales
  • Understand fair market value of media and audience assets relative to market price benchmarks, supply, and demand
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Krux Interchange:  Monetize on Terms, Times, and Channels of Your Choosing
  • Leverage data to inform first party targeting of advertising, content, or commerce on your own web properties
  • Energize audience extension through direct integration with leading media exchanges and Krux’s proprietary bidding algorithms
  • Monetize media and data assets safely and securely via private networks, peer-to-peer cooperatives, or trusted data market partners
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