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The Evolution of the DMP

L'Oreal's Discusses Breakthrough Data Strategy at Data Matters 2016

Now more than ever, marketers struggle with the fact that customers and prospects they wish to reach are moving targets.

The people they most care about are constantly investigating, considering, starting and stopping transactions. Further, those consumers leave a robust - but daunting - sea of clues and data signals in their wake across a dizzying array of platforms, channels, and devices.

Salesforce DMP provides marketers the power to make every one of those touchpoints count.  


DMP Cross Device Unification
Capture, Unify, and Activate Consumer Data, Regardless of Source, Device, or Channel

The Salesforce DMP delivers an Intelligent Marketing Hub, helping marketers capture, unify, and activate data to orchestrate more relevant, more valuable experiences across all consumer touchpoints, no matter which channel they are on or which device is in their hands. That’s the premise and power of People Data Activation.

Salesforce DMP powers true 1:1 marketing at scale, drawing on the widespread adoption of our platform and services and our unrivaled 3 billion-strong global browser and device reach. Salesforce DMP is the only choice for leading marketers looking to survive and thrive in today's data driven marketplace, delivering:

With Salesforce DMP, today's leading marketers:

  • Unlock the value of first-party data (CRM, website, and other media) for audience segmentation, targeting and analytics; unifying people data across all devices, systems and channels to create a single view of each consumer.
  • Improve engagement (conversions, purchases, brand awareness) by matching people with their devices through multi-channel, global messaging.
  • Expand reach through lookalike modeling to find new prospects who share key attributes with existing customers.
  • Through Salesforce DMP | Link, find untapped pools of premium second-party data, and tap new media activation paths for first-party data.
  • Optimize media investment through global frequency management and smarter spend allocation across channels; optimize media execution through A/B testing and sequential messaging; and maximize ROI and effectiveness of your marketing initiatives, leveraging data to minimize media waste and battle non-human traffic.

Most importantly, Salesforce DMP focuses solely on data infrastructure and services. Salesforce DMP doesn't buy or sell media, and we don't operate a data exchange, so you can rest easy that our business objectives align 100% with yours. No Trojan Horses. No gotchas. No gimmicks.

“The Krux platform and its solutions team are proving instrumental in enabling our data strategy, and helping us deliver richer, more relevant consumer brand experiences. This continued success only serves to validate our decision to adopt Krux’s technology platform, and we applaud Krux for its long-term vision and continued leadership in the data management sector.”

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