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Webinar - The Role of the Agency In Data Management

Salesforce DMP powers true 1:1 marketing at scale, drawing on the widespread adoption of our platform and services and our unrivaled 3 billion-strong global browser and device reach. Salesforce DMP is the only choice for leading marketers looking to survive and thrive, delivering:

With Salesforce DMP, you can help your clients:

  • Shape their data, segmentation, and targeting strategies. and map first-party audiences to existing addressable media channels, executing and optimizing audience-based buys across multiple channels.
  • Manage the marketers’ ecosystem of technology providers (e.g., search marketing platform, DSP and social platforms).
  • Through Salesforce DMP | Link, find untapped pools of premium second-party data, and tap new media activation paths for their own first-party data.
  • Perform campaign analysis, perform A/B testing, perform path-to-purchase analysis and deliver multi-channel attribution reporting.
  • Optimize media investment through global frequency management and smarter spend allocation across channels; optimize media execution through A/B testing and sequential messaging; and maximize ROI and effectiveness of your marketing initiatives, leveraging data to minimize media waste and battle non-human traffic.

Most importantly, Salesforce DMP focuses solely on data infrastructure and services. Salesforce DMP doesn't buy or sell media, and we don't operate a data exchange, so you can rest easy that our business objectives always align with yours and those of your clients.