Case Study

Wikia Becomes Avid Fan of Krux DMP


The Challenge

With 120 million active fans worldwide, Wikia’s cross-channel audience data is an extremely valuable asset, and the company wanted to increase its revenue by better leveraging it. Wikia knew that if it could match the right advertiser with the right audience, it could earn premium prices for its inventory, as well as create more relevant experiences for both its advertisers and fan base.

To meet these goals, Wikia needed a holistic platform to aggregate all of its first and third-party data. The company also needed tools to help it analyze its audience, and glean insights to inform product and packaging strategy. And to maximize yields, Wikia wanted robust tools for creating premium audience segments in near real time to meet the demands of its advertisers. Since this was a new endeavor for Wikia, the company wanted a partner to help it educate its sales teams to sell audience packages.

The Solution

In 2014, Wikia implemented Krux DMP, a platform that lets publishers capture the full breadth of their audience data, and provides a toolset for understanding, segmenting and monetizing it. Due to its inherently flexible architecture, Wikia was able to seamlessly consolidate its first-party data, as well as augment its audience assets with select third-party data. Since no data is off limits with Krux, Wikia was able to aggregate all of its data onto the Krux platform.

Krux technology is instrumental to Wiki'as audience strategy. We are already seeing significant gains in consumer engagement and click-through.

The Results

In short order, Wikia was able to launch its audience-aware product strategy, increasing revenue and commanding significantly higher CPMs across all of its display and mobile inventory. For instance, revenue for its 728x90 inventory soared 220%, while revenue for its 250x300 leaped an astounding 269%.

Most importantly, the focus on audience segmentation drives greater value, relevance and engagement for Wikia’s audience and fan base, securing the site as a top destination for both.


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