Case Study

WhoSay Helps its Advertisers Target Celebrity Fans Across the Web


The Challenge

WhoSay attracts a large and extremely active audience who follow celebrities across social and mainstream media. Its highly-engaged readers presented WhoSay with an opportunity to enhance revenue, as long as the publisher could find a way to connect the right entertainment advertisers with the right fan base. To accomplish this task, WhoSay needed a data management platform (DMP) that could let it create robust audience segments in real time.

WhoSay also needed access to additional advertising inventory, and looked to the global ad exchanges to find it. While the exchanges offered massive scale, they also posed some risk to WhoSay’s high-value first-party data. Additionally, brand safety was a key concern, since advertisers wouldn’t want their ads appearing in pirated or undesirable sites.

The Solution

WhoSay adopted the Krux DMP, a turnkey solution that lets publishers capture the full breadth of their audience data, and provides a toolset for monetizing it. With Krux, no online or offline data is off limits, which means WhoSay can now create highly tailored audience segments in real time, enabling advertisers to achieve significant audience engagement and drive ROI.

Krux also enables WhoSay to deploy the audience segments created within Krux in any channel or platform the publisher chooses, including programmatic platforms. With Krux, WhoSay can help its advertisers reach their target audiences across the Web via pre-roll video, mobile, apps, and display ad formats.

Krux helps us effectively leverage our 1st party data across multiple off-site platforms, allowing us to connect our highly engaged fans of top celebrities with the right brands. This results in better monetization opportunities for WhoSay and our clients.

The Results

The Krux-enabled audience segments led to significant boosts in revenue and advertising opportunities for WhoSay, including:

  • An astounding 124% lift in display revenue.
  • 50% increase in the number of offsite video campaigns.
  • 74% boost in overall revenue


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