Case Study

Time Inc. UK Activates Precise, High-Value Audience Segments, Igniting Ad Performance Through Krux’s Next-Gen DMP


Marketers need innovative, fine-tuned ways to engage ideal prospects in the right place, at the right time, and the right frequency – and they’re increasingly looking to publishers to help them do just that.

The Challenge

As a publisher, Time Inc. UK confronted this challenge firsthand when a premium beauty-products brand asked for help in identifying, targeting and engaging prospects for a hair care advertising campaign that featured a “BuyIt-Now” option. The brand had high expectations, and set ambitious performance and click-through goals for the campaign.

Although Time Inc. UK has multiple sites that focus on fashion and beauty, the publisher realized that a traditional ROS approach on those specialty sites wouldn’t suffice for the hair care campaign. The ambitious performance goals required highly-tailored audience segments of consumers whose online behavior indicated a clear affinity for hair care products across all of its properties. Time Inc. UK’s goal was to deliver on a critical strategic objective for its marketer: precision at scale.

"Our advertiser clients expect us to provide data-backed options that address their different initiatives and audience targets. We certainly have no dearth of data, and we needed a robust technology solution to collect and analyze 100% of that data to ultimately deliver audience segments at varying levels and combinations of specificity, as required by advertisers." Dom Perkins - Commercial Director, Time Inc. UK

The Solution

Time Inc. UK chose Krux’s DMP because of the platform’s ability to unify, synthesize, and activate people data quickly and flexibly.

Krux’s next-gen DMP collects and synthesizes all of Time Inc. UK’s people data – behaviors, actions, characteristics – across web and mobile touch points, empowering the publisher to offer and monetize highly customized, exact audience segments. And as demonstrated in the results of the hair care campaign, Time Inc. UK’s advertisers are receiving tangible value and transformative ROI.

"What’s impressive about Krux’s DMP is its ability to provide datasets in unlimited variations and in real time, so there’s no delay in defining high-value audience segments for advertisers. So in the case of the hair care campaign, our beauty products client quickly activated a very precise and relevant group of prospects across all of Time Inc. UK’s 50+ global web properties – thanks to Krux." DOM PERKINS COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR, TIME INC. UK

The Results

Thanks to the partnership between Time Inc. UK and Krux, the hair care campaign resulted in a 161% increase in the click-through rate, and a 435% increase in conversions.

Both measures were evaluated against traditional run-of-site content placement results on endemic beauty properties.


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