Case Study

REA Group Realizes 90% Improvement in Time-to-Market with Krux SuperTag™


The Challenge

REA Group owns and operates the leading real estate property site in Australia,, as well as international property websites in Hong Kong, Italy and Luxembourg. attracts highly valuable audiences of active home seekers and sellers. However, these individuals are only in the market for a limited time, which means and its advertisers need to reach and engage them quickly. used a combination of its own tags and multiple partner tags to collect audience data, but the process was time consuming and cumbersome. The publisher needed a way to streamline the process and to speed the time-to-market for its audience data.

The Solution

After careful evaluation, opted to implement Krux's data management platform (DMP), a turnkey solution that offers enterprise-class audience management, as well as a powerful tag management solution known as Krux SuperTag™.

Fully integrated with the Krux DMP, SuperTag lets easily manage any tag type, and its advanced targeting features far exceed all other tag-management solutions.

With Krux serving as a centralized platform, can now create audiences once and activate them across external systems. Built-in data privacy and governance provide the REA Group with the confidence that 100% of its audience data is protected.

SuperTag allows to significantly speed up tag deployment, capture all relevant user interactions, and convert those actions into targetable audience segments.

Having a tag management solution as part of the DMP package is extremely efficient and effective. One control point enables us to deploy tags instantaneously, plus the ability to create and address our large and highly valuable audiences. This has helped us to remain very agile and nimble within a competitive marketplace.

The Results

  • 100% of audience assets protected through centralized control of SuperTag from within the Krux DMP.
  • 90% improvement in tag deployment efficiency, which reduced time-to-deploy tags from an average of four or more weeks to an average of one to two days.
  • 200% increase in page-load speed by reducing non-essential code.


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