Case Study

Motor Trend Smokes the Competition


The Challenge

A major automotive OEM asked Motor Trend, along with its other media partners, to help it accelerate the path to purchase for a valuable set of prospects - specifically, consumers who demonstrate an interest in trucks and sedans. Because Motor Trend had already invested in Krux's data management platform (DMP) to unify and harness its people data, the publisher was uniquely suited to rise to the OEM’s challenge.

The Solution

Thanks to Krux, Motor Trend has the power to segment and activate 100% of its people data to improve results and revenue for its clients. It also has the ability to respond to OEM requirements with highly differentiated offerings.

Motor Trend used Krux to identify and craft proprietary segments of consumers whose behaviors indicate an affinity for trucks and sedans. Using Krux’s audience discovery and authoring tools, Motor Trend identified the behaviors that aligned with the OEM’s strategic objectives, and crafted proprietary segments for in-market buyers based on Motor Trend’s first-party audience data. The OEM simply couldn’t find equivalent car-buyer data anywhere else on the Internet.

With Krux, we are outperforming our competitors by a mile. We are delivering solutions and best of breed performance for our clients, while building new revenue streams for Source Interlink Media’s In Market Shopping brands led by Motor Trend. These solutions are driving breakthrough ROI for our clients.

The Results

Motor Trend outperformed all of the participating media partners, and far exceeded the OEM’s benchmarks. In particular, Motor Trend delivered key site actions (e.g. requesting a quote, building a model) that were:

  • 185% more efficient than the overall advertisers’ average.
  • 229% more efficient than the competing media partners.

Motor Trend also demonstrated a cost-per-outcome to the advertiser that was:

  • 32% lower than the overall advertisers’ average.
  • 58% more efficient than the competing media partners.

Finally, Motor Trend boosted campaign CTR by 31% as the campaign progressed, which contrasts with the other media partners, which saw their CTRs decline by more than 10% in the same period.


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