Case Study

Salesforce DMP Enables Mamamia to Drive Increased Consumer Engagement


Mamamia is Australia’s largest, independent women’s media company. Founded by Mia Freedman in 2007 as a blog, Mamamia has evolved into a media company that reaches its audience through written, visual and audio content. During the almost ten years since launch, Mamamia has earned its place in the Australian media landscape as the go-to destination for women, covering topics as diverse as pop culture, politics, body image, food, motherhood, feminism, fashion and celebrity. Mamamia has grown its audience to reach over 4 million Australians each month. The consolidated Mamamia site attracts a wealth of people data about women across all different life stages who are searching for content in a highly engaged way.

The Challenge

Mamamia wanted to offer data-driven, relevant and valuable advertising, content and commerce experiences to its diverse female audience. The goal was to create commercial solutions for advertisers and agencies so they could better target the right audience on its network and drive campaign results across a range of categories.

Mamamia’s goal is to be the go-to site for every woman in Australia, whether they are interested in content about sport, finance, travel, lifestyle or a combination of each of these things. To support this approach they decided to deploy a DMP to power an audience management solution that Centralises siloed data and allows publishers to understand and create new audience segments.

The Solution

Mamamia selected Salesforce DMP as the best in breed DMP to help them harness its varied data sets to obtain a holistic view of its audience segments, including content consumption preferences, usage patterns and interactions across multiple devices, in order to truly understand the consumer journey.

Using these insights, Salesforce DMP and Mamamia worked to create and model 10 audience personas that the publisher could target with personalized content across both editorial and advertising campaigns, allowing Mamamia to provide new advertising offerings based on user behaviour, interests, intents, actions, preferences and signals.

Mamamia leveraged Salesforce DMP's ‘completeness’, which is its total recall of all data across all channels. Salesforce DMP's on-demand intelligence and real-time activation of people data delivers personalized consumer experiences across any channel, screen or system. In only a short amount of time, Mamamia continued to create engaging content while Salesforce DMP intelligence secured solid campaign results for advertisers.

“Salesforce DMP has enabled Mamamia to create successful commercial opportunities for advertisers and agencies thanks to the developed audience personas and the more relevant and meaningful experiences Mamamia has been able to make across all properties and channels”

The Results

Powered by Salesforce DMP, Mamamia’s content and advertising strategy has been effective in driving results since its launch.

  • In June 2016, Mamamia saw more than 23 million page views, representing a more than 2X increase from the prior month as a result of accurate demographic targeting and content.
  • Mamamia Data generated average click through rate (CTR) uplift of 87.3% as compared to prior campaign CTRs.
  • The company also experienced a 25-30% increase in eCPMs since implementing Salesforce DMP. 


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