Case Study

Le Figaro Uses Krux’s Next-Gen DMP To Identify And Monetize Its Most Valuable Readers


Offline data still matters.

For all of the insights that publishers glean from user behavior online, it’s the offline data that often tells advertisers the most about who’s seeing their ads. By linking individual online readers to offline information, publishers can identify when their most valuable users have arrived at their sites, and charge brands a premium to reach them.

The Challenge

Founded in 1826, Le Figaro is France’s oldest national newspaper. As a premium daily news publisher, the publication commands a loyal audience of affluent readers who look to it as an authoritative source on domestic and international news.

Le Figaro had amazing resources at its disposal in the form of offline data. With the right technology and data partner, they could tap into the potential value of the insights captured within its customer relationship management system. Without the right solution, online and offline profiles could not be joined, limiting profiling opportunities.  

For example, it was practically impossible to determine, in real time, when a high-value reader landed on one of its stories, and there was no system in place to target those readers more relevant – and thus more valuable – advertising experiences.

Though audience targeting is relatively new in France, Le Figaro took the bold step of seeking out a technology partner that could help it synthesize its offline and online data to show advertisers a complete picture of its extremely desirable user base.

We knew that we had one of the most valuable readerships in the entire country, but we couldn’t prove that to advertisers unless we could first identify our print readers when they came online. Every day we weren’t able to do this was a day we left money on the table.

The Solution

Le Figaro chose Krux’s next-gen DMP to help it identify and monetize its most valuable users.

For example, from email activity, registration, and onsite activities, Le Figaro is now able to develop a unified view of its audience, linking individual readers to the demographic categories they belong to. Le Figaro then uses Krux Audience Data Management to create precise, actionable audience segments of its highest-earning readers.

By working with Krux, Le Figaro became one of the first publishers in France to let clients target the most attractive members of its audience, enhancing the newspaper’s reputation among brands and publishers alike.

The Results

Krux’s DMP allowed Le Figaro to reserve access to its most coveted users for the brands that were willing to pay a premium for it. This gave the publisher the opportunity to significantly raise its ad rates and helped Le Figaro’s clients cut down on wasted spending.

By using the Krux platform, Le Figaro was able to increase its CPMs by 2.5x and grow return on investment by a staggering 15x.

The partnership has also established the newspaper in the French market as a pioneer when it comes to using data science to optimize online advertising. Due to its sophisticated audience segmentation process, Le Figaro has put itself on the cutting edge of the French publishing industry. Given that the newspaper is nearly two centuries old, that’s not a bad place to be.


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