Case Study

HiMedia Reaches New Heights With Krux DMP


HiMedia Group is a leader in digital marketing, with a wide range of advertising solutions for publishers and marketers.

The company optimizes its clients’ digital strategies to drive both maximum reach and accurate targeting across Europe, Latin America and in the United states (Hispanic audiences) through leading media and marketing platforms. Working with top international media agencies, brands marketers in high-profile, quality media, HiMedia combines unparalleled technology with a wealth of market expertise. Its main lines of business are display advertising, video, mobile solutions and finely crafted custom content solutions.

France-based HiMedia has established market leadership across borders, languages and cultures through five areas in advertising services and technology:

  •, the leading independent advertising exchange in Europe, attracts more than 160 million uniques and serves billions of impressions every month.
  • Mobvious, HiMedia’s mobile ad network, provides innovative mobile advertising solutions that offer contextual, geographic and socio-demographic targeting for smartphone and tablet devices.
  • HiMedia’s online video ad network, Fullscreen, serves 50 million high quality, targeted video views each month.
  • Magic, a bespoke advertising solution, crafts customized solutions for branded content campaigns.
  • We Perf, a programmatic media buying and email marketing service, provides performance-based advertising for audience, lead and sales generation through highly-segmented targeting.

The Challenge

As a market leader, HiMedia constantly strives to better serve its large advertising clientele. The company sought to increase the effectiveness of display advertising and, in turn, help clients achieve significant success in:

  • Engagement of branding campaigns, as demonstrated by click-throughs
  • New leads generated via prospecting campaigns
  • Customer acquisition driven through CPA (cost-per-acquisition) campaigns

HiMedia hoped to find a DMP that would help it achieve these goals, provide deeper audience insights,and improve the efficiency of ad targeting.

Additionally, HiMedia needed a solution to simplify the multivariate complexities of separate touchpoints, segments and media. To achieve this, the company needed the ability to manage online and offline data in a single place, as well as access cross-device data through an intuitive, comprehensive dashboard.

Last but not least, HiMedia needed a DMP that could seamlessly integrate with its DSP, appNexus. 

The Solution

Fortunately, HiMedia found Krux.

Krux used its Audience Data Management solution, which gives unlimited real-time audience segmentation of data from any source, unifies measurement and optimization across platforms, builds new theories or infer new results through audience discovery, and expands high-valued targets with audience extensions.

Through Krux’s Audience Data Management solution, HiMedia now has access to unlimited, real-time audience data. Krux DMP unifies people data across any platform, channel and screen — enabling HiMedia to comprehensively measure and optimize campaigns, as well as discover new and relevant audiences. Because Krux is built with a complete architecture for instant lookback and on-demand access to all data anytime, HiMedia isn’t plagued by observational bias; Krux’s Completeness capability helps HiMedia build new theories or infer new results about its audience. 

Krux filled all our needs, and were very easy to work with at every turn. They helped us help our marketing clients in a way that showed their expertise not only as a DMP, but also in client relations.

The Results

Through Krux’s advanced analytics, HiMedia has the prescriptive insights to drive campaigns at a surgical level, i.e., highly-precise targeting and right-time delivery management. As a result, HiMedia clients have significantly decreased spend waste and increased conversion rates.

To date, HiMedia has experienced the following successes with Krux:

  • 180% increase in average CTR on analyzed display campaigns
  • 13% increase in the volume of conversions on analyzed CPA campaigns
  • Optimization across international geographies and hundreds of URLs, with varied demands and specifications
  • Ongoing, iterative enhancements, resulting in optimal segmentation and targeting

Krux is ready to go even further. With continued use of its platform and tools, HiMedia could develop new products and find new ways to generate demand from not only large advertisers, but everyone.

“Krux boosted our clients’ ROI, more than proving the worth of what they — and we — could do for our clients,” Romain Fevrier said. “Their mix of tools and offerings were not only easy to use and effective in terms of clickthroughs, they fundamentally improved our bottom line.”


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