Case Study

Gawker Sees 11x ROI Using Krux Data-Driven Sales


The Gawker Media Group is the publisher of some of the web’s best-loved brands and communities.

These properties include the eponymous Gawker and gadget sensation Gizmodo. Its proprietary publishing platform supports the interaction of uncompromisingly authentic editorial voices, exceptionally opinionated audiences, and bespoke brand advertising programs. Founded in 2002, The Gawker Media Group now reaches over 120 million readers around the world each month.

The Challenge

Gawker Media’s enormous readership — particularly among the coveted millennial segment — is an extremely attractive environment for many premium advertisers. Though the company enjoys a healthy stream of advertising revenue, it realized that its existing ad tech stack placed limitations on its ability to increase revenue growth via audience sales. 

To accomplish these goals, Gawker Media wanted the ability to create and sell compelling audience segmentation and targeting capabilities, enabling advertisers to identify, target and engage their exact audiences. The company was eager to protect its audience data, and choosing the right data management platform (DMP) was essential to implementing this new strategy. 

The Solution

Krux was one of the first companies that the Gawker Media team considered for a very important reason: As a pure technology player, Krux has no conflict of interest with its clients. Krux never has — and never will — profit from its clients’ people data.  

After an analysis of the leading DMP providers Gawker Media opted to implement the Krux Data Management Platform (DMP). The Krux platform unifies people data from multiple screens and sources; analyzes the data to identify and understand individual preferences and expectations, and activates the data across every channel in ‘right time’ and ‘real time’.

The Krux DMP allows Gawker Media to transform its wealth of audience data — from any source, channel or device — into actionable people intelligence. Krux’s industry-leading cross-screen data capabilities are particularly useful, given Gawker Media’s tech-savvy audiences, which engage with its properties in many different ways. By centralizing all its first-party data into a single view, Gawker Media can easily associate individual readers with multiple devices and channels, offering both them and its advertisers cohesive brand experiences. 

Additionally, Krux provides Gawker Media with the kind of advanced analysis, targeting, and delivery capabilities that attract the world’s top brands and better monetize its people data. Further, by capturing and storing 100% of all data generated, Krux is able to deliver ‘total recall’ of data, which in turn provides on-demand intelligence and real-time activation. Today, Gawker Media can make on-the-fly adjustments that drive campaign success for advertisers. 

Gawker Media also leverages Krux’s Audience Discovery capabilities, which give them deep insights into their users’ behavior and preferences to uncover audience segmentation opportunities to fuel their media sales efforts. With more refined profiles and segments, advertisers can tailor their messages, boost response and conversions, and ensure deeper engagement with the consumers they seek. 

It’s patently clear that Krux has become an important component of Gawker Media’s advertising engine; the proof is in the numbers. What’s less obvious, but just as important, is the excellent support provided by the Krux team. From customer service to training, the Krux account team has been instrumental in enhancing our team’s data prowess.

The Results

The Krux DMP, coupled with Gawker’s well-considered sales strategy, has delivered tremendous results. At the highest level, Gawker has seen approximately 11x ROI (return on investment) when comparing the incremental revenue impact of data-driven sales to the investments they made in the underlying Krux data platform. 


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