Case Study

Foxtel Uses Salesforce DMP To Maintain Control Of Its Data And Spark Customer Interest With Relevant Messaging


Protecting your business means safeguarding your data.

People data has become one of the business world’s most valuable resources. In order to protect it, companies need a partner they can trust, one that allows them to retain complete control over their customer data and doesn't ever seek to leverage that information for its own purposes.

Foxtel is Australia’s largest pay television provider, with over 2.8 million subscribers that access its services via cable and satellite. It is one of the nation’s largest and most sophisticated advertisers. The company took a bold step by becoming the first Australian company to bring its programmatic media buying in-house.

The Challenge

While its shift to in-house buying fulfilled Foxtel’s desire for greater control over its media executions, the company needed a technology solution that would enable it to have complete data governance. The company also needed to capture its first party data ensuring it had the ability to target consumers with the most relevant advertising messages. Therefore, Foxtel sought a partner that could provide the precise, actionable audience segmentation it needed - without requiring it to loosen its grip on the data it had worked to collect.

We had a very firm idea of what we wanted to do with our data when we created our in-house trading desk and to do this properly we needed a best-in-class DMP to help us unify and understand our audience. The more capable our partner and solution, the more successful we'd be at identifying customers and prospects and getting the right messages to them. We¹re very pleased with the progress we’ve made with Salesforce DMP as a key part of our solution

The Solution

Foxtel chose Salesforce DMP because it was able to help the company activate its people data with complete neutrality. While other DMPs own advertsing exchanges or data brokerages, Salesforce DMP is solely focused on its customer's data management. This focus means Foxtel can rest assured knowing that it would maintain total control over its first-party information, and that Salesforce DMP would not offer its data to third parties or push the company to purchase ads through a specific platform.

Salesforce DMP has been instrumental in helping Foxtel determine whether its visitors are current subscribers or potential new subscribers, therefore allowing Foxtel to tailor its marketing messages to either retain current customers or acquire new ones.

The Results

Salesforce DMP helped Foxtel increase the effectiveness of its digital advertising by ensuring that it was showing people messages that were tailored to them. This helped lead to a 20% jump in Foxtel's video completion rate – clearly demonstrating that it was reaching the right people with the right message. It was equally important for Foxtel was that it was able to achieve this outstanding result without having to worry about Salesforce DMP trying to use its data for other purposes.


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