Case Study

ESI Media Unlocks Smarter, More Integrated Sales With Krux DMP


ESI Media owns some of the most recognized and respected media outlets in the world, including the London Evening Standard, The Independent, i, and London Live. Over 24 million monthly visitors in the U.K. flock to ESI’s sites for comprehensive, authoritative coverage ranging from the latest breaking international, national and local news, to sports, business, lifestyle and more.

ESI’s properties index highly against a variety of key demographic categories. Visitors to its websites on both desktop and mobile have well above median household incomes and education; these are highly professional and mobile consumers who are typically hard to reach.

Not surprisingly, ESI attracts advertisers from luxury brands like DKNY and British Airways. Ever the technology innovators, ESI sought to radically enhance readers’ experiences by focusing on content that addresses the different ways people consume media online. For ESI’s programmatic clients, better content and advertising experiences means higher viewability.

The Challenge

ESI’s teams were versed in packaging and selling based on traditional markers such as its media brand names and reputations. The team also sold based on contextual targeting and content affinity in superior verticals like news, business, travel, lifestyle and entertainment.

But ESI lacked the tools to drive even more of the revenue available from sophisticated marketers looking to hone in on specific consumers. The multimedia company needed multilayered data to discover, identify and target specific segments.

Additionally, the multimedia company wanted to match first-party data that showed substantial positives with the third-party data that marketers, brands and their agencies use.

Meanwhile, increasing portions of advertising budgets were being assigned to programmatic advertising, which required audience-based, per-impression data.

ESI needed an effective, agile solution that could be implemented at speed. It decided the best solution was to bring in a sophisticated data management platform (DMP) that could handle complex and multi-tiered data integrations between ESI’s multiple media properties and the leading available advertising platforms.

The Solution

Krux helped ESI build a product that combined first-party data with third-party sources, giving ad buyers much greater visibility into where their ads appeared, as well as and an understanding of who viewed and interacted with those creative placements.

A program that ESI and Krux created for DKNY perfectly illustrates this approach.

DKNY  sought to drive higher visibility and sales of its fragrances. The high-end fashion and cosmetics company knew from its own data which audience segments were most likely to purchase its perfumes and colognes. It wanted to find more people like these segments to expand its addressable market. 

Through Krux, ESI accessed those segments through its mobile and web properties, engaging with prospects at just the right moment in their content experiences. 

ESI also leveraged Krux to create premium segments such as male trendsetters and lifestyle consumers, further refining the segments to enable targeting of specific “high street” shoppers (a.k.a., high-end business district), cosmetic enthusiasts and men with a propensity to give gifts of perfume.

The data insights drove up DKNY’s conversions, with CTRs three times higher than ESI averages and ten times the industry norm for ad placements. As a result, DKNY added two more campaigns across the ESI portfolio.

As a technology, Krux has empowered us to increase revenue through the discovery of new audiences and smarter, fine-tuned targeting. The Krux team has been equally invaluable. They have provided the ESI team with in-depth training and continued advice on a daily basis.

The Results

The DKNY campaign is just one of many successes that ESI has enabled for droves of advertisers, who know they can rely on ESI for precise, quality audience segments. By using Krux to overlay first and third-party audience data, ESI can deliver advertising experiences at unprecedented levels of relevancy — the right person, the right channel, the right device, and at just the right moment. 

By leveraging Krux, ESI has added incremental sales revenue, decreased wasted spend, and attracted even more clients — all without adding to sales or product costs.

Boosted by Krux’s robust and comprehensive set of capabilities, ESI can more clearly define and articulate the characteristics of its consumers through programmatic and direct channels. As a result, the multimedia company now offers best-in-class advertising.

What’s more, the organization is now realigned around a new mindset: audience segments—when added to the mix of impressions, context, and brands— represent high-value opportunities for advertising clients.


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