Case Study

Krux Helps Digital Trends Increase CPMs by 120%


The Challenge

A leading consumer technology publisher, Digital Trends, boasts a highly engaged and attentive audience. With global technology and gadgets representing an almost $1.1 trillion market, Digital Trends’ enthusiastic technology readership is a highly desired audience for many advertisers. In order to drive more revenue from audience-based advertising, Digital Trends wanted to layer its first-party data to its unsold premium inventory, and sell those impressions onto select advertisers via programmatic channels.

The publisher’s goals, therefore, were to leverage first-party data to increase CPMs for inventory sold in the real-time markets, as well as to reduce Digital Trends’ reliance on third-party data.

The Solution

A private exchange offered the best opportunity for Digital Trends to sell its premium inventory programmatically, yet still maintain strict quality and brand-safety controls. To monetize its first-party data, Digital Trends implemented Krux's data management platform (DMP), a turnkey solution that lets publishers unify, synthesize and activate their people data quickly and flexibly. With Krux DMP, Digital Trends began collecting 100% of its audience data, including page views, clicks, interactions, content consumed and more. With Krux’s flexible authoring tools, Digital Trends created valuable and relevant audience segments for the private exchanges.

With a new private exchange strategy in place, Krux has really helped us drive more value from our audiences. We’ve not only increased the CPM of our inventory, but we were able to do it in a cost effective manner. Digital Trends has tripled its return on its investment in Krux.

The Results

Audience-based packaging and targeting has delivered Digital Trends three major benefits:

  • 3x ROI through sales channel efficiency and effectiveness. Sales through premium programmatic increased, reducing inventory traditionally sold through less-profitable channels.
  • 120% increase in CPMs for inventory sold programmatically through private exchanges, driven by strategic use of first-party data.
  • 34% reduction in costs by limiting the use of third-party data.


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