Case Study

Danish Publisher Network (DPN) Uncovers New Data-Driven Revenue Streams


The Challenge

As Denmark’s top job search site, JobZonen (a part of DPN’s family of sites) is used by job seekers interested in obtaining senior positions in management, engineering and finance. These job seekers are valuable to recruiters who need to find candidates for hard to fill positions. Identifying this market opportunity, DPN wanted to create distinctive advertising and lead generation media offerings specifically for recruiters. In order to achieve this, DPN needed a centralized way to capture, manage, and analyze first-party data about these job seekers, with a special emphasis on discovering their interests, skills and job affinities.

The Solution

In Krux, DPN found a central platform to collect, unify, protect and manage people data from all DPN websites, including JobZonen. Using the data collected from job seekers, it was able to identify high-value candidates in more than 20 job categories. A new media solution, called Track & Trace, targeted these job seekers. This pioneering and unique media solution offers recruitment advertisers the ability to reach job seekers on JobZonen, as well as 11 other leading Danish publishers via audience extension services.

We continue to see increased revenue opportunity from data driven-advertising, and we’re pleased to now be able to capture it using Krux.

The Results

Through the analysis, segmentation and delivery of new audiences across the 11 publishers of DPN, the new data-driven media solution Track & Trace resulted in:

  • New ad revenues from 20 new and large advertisers.
  • Increased media revenue generated through 130 media campaigns for 50 clients.
  • More than 70% higher retention rates, indicating strong customer satisfaction.


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