Case Study

Krux’s Next-Gen DMP Powers Centro’s Brand Exchange With Robust Audience Segmentation


When brands and publishers have access to complete, actionable people data, everybody wins. 

By combining the efficiency of programmatic buying with the precision of highly-targeted audience segmentation, publishers can create valuable inventory for themselves while allowing clients to reach only their most desirable consumers.

The Challenge

Centro is a technology company that works to make life easier for the people who plan and execute media campaigns. As part of that mission, the company built the Centro Brand Exchange, a premium ad exchange that links more than 6,000 brands with over 1,600 of the most respected publishers in the local space.

The Centro Brand Exchange offers quality and premium scale to its advertisers, serving nearly one billion impressions monthly.

How did Centro achieve this level of quality and scalability? The team’s first plan of action: choose the right Data Management Platform (DMP). Centro needed a highly scalable DMP baked into the Exchange that would give advertisers the opportunity to synthesize people data from multiple sources and uncover granular, actionable customer insights in real time.

Centro’s goal: to fulfill its promise to help brands reach niche audiences of highly targeted consumer groups, without sacrificing quality or scale.

The Solution

Centro directly integrated Krux’s DMP into its Brand Exchange to help brands aggregate data from a variety of first- and third-party sources.

Krux DMP helps Centro’s advertisers create highly targeted audience segments based on consumer demographics and individuals’ online behavior. Krux’s unique ability to unify, analyze and synthesize 100% of people data eliminates any business delay; Krux’s Completeness capability means advertisers can define and revise audience segments on demand for immediate activation. What’s more, through Krux’s Cross-Channel Frequency Management, advertising and marketing campaigns automatically adjust in real time to optimize around the highest-performing audiences. This eliminates waste for the brands and gives publishers the ability to increase prices on these high-quality audience segments. 

Krux’s DMP creates great value for our brands and publishers. Krux’s ability to quickly surface actionable people insights allows us to better optimize towards performance and provide additional layers of transparency to our clients. Taking a consultative approach with publishers and advertisers alike really helps us to compete in today’s market.

The Results

The tech-savvy team at Centro identified two fundamental requirements in a DMP for its Brand Exchange:

  1. Scalability to meet the demands of the ever-increasing variety and velocity of people data
  2. Completeness of data, i.e., the ability to access and activate all data, whether pre-defined or not, on demand and in real time.

Through Krux, Centro is now enjoying the benefits of these important capabilities — in the form of 20% lifts in CPM, increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction. With the ability to analyze 100% of all people data in real time, Centro has become a choice resource for robust audience targeting across all major industries. Today, the majority of Centro clients include audience targeting in all of their media plans. 


Put People Data to Work for Your Business

Krux has driven a 10x or higher return on investment for brands such as Kellogg, Time Warner, and Meredith. Contact us today to learn more about our market-leading platform and how it can help your business deliver more relevant, more valuable media, content, and commerce experiences.

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