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Feb 23, 2012 - Mike Chang, Krux NYC - 0
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Hi, I'm Mike Chang.

Before joining the Krux team, I worked at small web publisher.  Every day was about finding new ways to grow revenue, increase reach, and better serve our audience.  And I joined Krux to take my experiences with a single publisher and go make things better across the entire web. 

Smaller websites need tools that are simple, safe, and that don't feel like an afterthought.  And they need providers that won't take them for a ride.  In my old job, it was always tough for me to find right tools - those that deliver the right mix of features but that are easy to set up and easy on the wallet.  With Krux Apps, that's exactly what we aim to deliver. 

During our closed beta period, we've worked closely with dozens of smaller publishers and website operators to identify the challenges they face and how we can tackle them together. Krux Apps reflects what we've learned so far.  Now that we are in the public beta phase, I invite you to give Krux Apps a try yourself. 

Together, we can learn even more and make Krux Apps the best it can be. And with your feedback and collaboration, we can make good on our company promise to make everyone's web experience cooler, safer, faster, and smarter. 

On behalf of the entire Apps team (pictured below - that's me on the left), thanks for dropping in.  We welcome you to Krux Apps. 

(oh yeah - and to find out more, click on the Krux Apps logo at the top of the screen.  try it.  you'll like it.)

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