Today’s self-regulation approaches are incomplete

Jan 21, 2011 - Krux Digital - 0
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This MediaPost article from Jan 19 explores the ANA’s position on self-regulation. From the article:

Among the seven principles, an “Education Principle” calls for organizations to participate in efforts to educate individuals and businesses about online behavioral advertising and the Principles; and a “Transparency Principle” calls for clearer and easily accessible disclosures to consumers about data collection and use practices associated with online behavioral advertising. Another of the seven, the “Consumer Control Principle” exhorts marketers to give consumers power over whether data is collected and used for online behavioral advertising purposes.

We believe this is an important step – but incomplete. There is nothing more important than transparency and trust when it comes to targeting online. The challenge with most efforts at self-reg is that they rely on a fair bit of work by the consumer. Further, it often hinges on an opt-in/out mechanism run by a targeting firm or network they’ve never heard of. And frankly, as an industry, we need to do more than “(exhort) marketers to give consumers power.”

The real relationships that exist are between consumers and marketers and consumers and their favorite websites. The program noted by the ANA above begins to address the former, but it does little to address the latter.

With this stuff, I always use my “mom test.” Does my dear sainted 75 year old mother understand where the banner she saw when printing the daily NYT crossword puzzle actually came from? Nope – it’s all pretty arcane and abstract. And for the record, I gave up trying to explain all this advertising stuff long ago, back when I still worked in cable and she complained about the quality of overnight infomercials.

Her relationship is with the NYT. And if she doesn’t like the ad experience, they’re the ones that will bear the brunt of her ire. (and believe me, don’t piss my mom off. she’s getting up there in years, but she can still hold her own.)

And that’s *exactly* why Krux and PrivacyChoice have joined forces – to give everyone more of what they want: transparency, control, and trust. At its simplest, we want to create deeper, stronger connections between publishers and their audiences.

Krux and PrivacyChoice have come together to give publishers and consumers greater control over how and when data is collected and used to enhance advertising, content, and commerce experiences. We are delivering a co-branded solution drawing on PrivacyChoice’s existing consumer choice suite, integrating them with the Krux data management platform. The solution will also draw on the latest Krux platform module, the Krux Consumer preference console, where users will be able to view and modify information stored about themselves and augment their profiles with further demographic, preference, and intent data.

You can read more about it here. But the short story is this:

  • Why is this important for consumers? It delivers turnkey transparency and control for consumers. This solution gives consumers peace of mind that their favorite websites are hearing their voices and acting on their requests. By marrying the consumer choice solutions of PrivacyChoice with the Krux publisher platform, consumers have a single point of choice and control, with assurances that the information is actually being implemented by their favorite websites
  • Why is this important for web publishers? It gives publishers tools to deepen their audience relationships. This solution gives publishers confidence that, cookie by cookie, ad call by ad call, they are making good on their commitment to transparency, privacy, and consumer choice. Publishers who deploy it immediately gain another mechanism to strengthen their relationship with their audience. Further, for the subset of users who wish to actively manage their profiles and contribute new information, publishers will have incremental valuable consumer insight ported directly into their Krux Audience Data Management data store.
  • Why is this important for the digital media industry? It provides meaningful support for sell-side self-regulatory efforts. The industry is long on rules and short on tools, and given the recent saber-rattling out of Washington, the rules list is at risk of getting a lot longer. Many publishers have been searching for a no-to-low cost way to extend greater control to their audiences and further demonstrate to the market their sincere efforts at self-regulation. Krux and PrivacyChoice have come together to enable just that.

At Krux, we’re delighted to partner with PrivacyChoice in this way. We’ve always said that consumers are our ‘true north,’ and we’re excited to see the long-planned Krux Consumer coming to fruition. As the latest module of the Krux data management platform, it will give consumers a seat at the table and align their interests with those of their favorite websites.

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