Looking forward to IAB MIXX

Sep 28, 2011 - Tom Chavez, co-founder and CEO - 0
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Next week, I have the distinct honor of hositng a breakout discussion at IAB MIXX.  Joining me is an esteemed group of panelists pulled from all corners of the digiital media market.  It promises to be an insightful and entertaining dialogue about the changing role of  audience data and consumer insight in shaping today's digital content, commerce, and advertising experiences.

If you're at IAB MIXX next Monday, do drop in on our session. 

Monday, October 3, 230p-315p
Room 510, 5th floor

Looking Beyond Data Management to Understand Digital Media’s Consumer Experience Imperative
Explore the growing opportunity in consumer data from the perspective of both the web publisher and the advertiser/agency. This panel investigates:

- How web publishers, marketers, and agencies can equip themselves to bring data-driven audience advertising to market, with attention to the required investments in systems, processes, and people

- How privacy concerns, consumer choice, and data security inform the development of robust markets for data-driven advertising and commerce

- Which new business models, technologies, and usage patterns offer the highest promise for capturing new revenue from consumer data


Moderator:  Tom Chavez, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Krux Digital

Michael Greene, Analyst, Forrester Research

Pam Horan, President, Online Publishers Association

Josh Jacobs, President, Accuen

Megan Pagliuca, General Manager, Display Media, Merkle


The MIXX event is being held at NYC's Crowne Plaze Hotel, Monday, October 3rd through Tuesday, October 4th.


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